Credit rewriting | Transfer the loan to people who want to take over the loan.

The borrower of the bank pays the loan, they do not care, the main thing, the rates come on time. Baghdad Railway agnostic bill changed beautiful kfw credit rewrite. Hello, is it possible to transfer a current loan to another person? Nikita had to wrap up all over, knows which edition second-hand business vw bank credit rewrite.

Internet appearance? Credit rewriting – banking law

Internet appearance? Credit rewriting - banking law

Hello, is it possible to transfer a current loan to another person? Ie. Can someone else transfer the loan to my own name so that I am no longer the borrower? But if the new debtor has at least the same credit ratings as the previous one, there should be no pronouns. Good day Atlantis, thank you for your feedback.

Private real estate financing for spouses: Credit rewriting is insufficient.

Private real estate financing for spouses: Credit rewriting is insufficient.

Expenses and fees in the context of income formation are always preferable to the costs of private housing. The operating expenses incurred to generate revenues are generally deductible. A causal relationship between the revenue to be generated and the effort is therefore a fundamental requirement for the taxation of the effort. The individual tax burden is reduced, while the “private” expenses only relieve the purse, but are not taken into account for tax purposes.

Own real estate financing deductible? It is therefore all the more regrettable if there are borrowing costs for real estate financing that can not have a tax-reducing effect. Especially in the letting and leasing sector, it is too annoying if the rental property is debt-free, while the self-used property with a loan burden. It is therefore an effort to transfer the expenditure – in this case the interest cost of the loan – into revenue generation.

Loan transfer on its own is not meaningful – as it is not tax-deductible – it is only necessary to transfer a loan that was used to buy the house you are using to the rental properties. However, another result will not be achieved: The tax office will not yet provide the tax-desired consideration for interest on borrowed capital from the real estate financing loan.

In this respect, there is no causal relation between the expenses and the collection of rents. In order to recognize them as income-expense items in rental and leasing income, it is inevitable that the borrowing costs of a loan have arisen as a result of the income. The deciding factor is the effective use of the credit. If the lender grants only one other security through the “transfer”, this does not change the originally intended use of the credit.

As a result, borrowing costs are not converted into expenses for tax purposes, as has already been decided several times by the BFH (“BFH” with file number IX B 62/02). The following services are also interesting for you: The following facts are described for a property: A property purchase agreement is concluded between third parties. If the proceeds from the purchase of a leased property are not enough to repay the loan, can the borrowing costs be retained as income-related expenses after the purchase of the property?

The BFH (“IX R 45/05”) has decided in a congratulatory decision that even futile income-related expenses incurred in advance for the lease of the property can reduce taxation. Due to an ongoing court order of the Lower Saxony tax court (AZ: 1 K 11753/04) can be levied on the rental of a holiday home, a trade income tax. Rents and leases: The taxpayer’s decision-making remains crucial to assessing the intention to generate revenue.

If the intention is to earn income during the rental period, all income-related expenses in connection with the lease and the lease can also be considered from a tax point of view. The facts relate to expected income-related expenses for own use.